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November, 2015

  • 26 November

    Faceshift: Apple buys Star Wars motion-capture company

    Apple has purchased the company behind motion-capture technology used in the latest Star Wars film.Faceshift, a Zurich based start-up, specialises in software that allows 3D animated characters to mimic the facial expressions of an actor. Apple has now bought the company, though it is not known how much the deal cost the tech giant. It is also unclear what Apple’s …

  • 26 November

    Cyber-thieves ‘target Christmas shoppers’

    Cyber-thieves are preparing malware and spam campaigns in a bid to catch out retailers and shoppers during the run-up to Christmas, experts say. One gang had updated the sophisticated malware it used to target tills in stores, security company iSight said. There had also been an increase in spam and phishing emails crafted to catch out people seeking bargains. And some …

  • 25 November

    Dell admits security flaw was built in to computers

    A security hole that could allow attackers to access users’ personal data was inadvertently placed on Dell computers, the company has admitted. The hole represented a “profound security flaw” that could allow access to bank details and other personal data, experts said.Dell has issued guidance on removing the software that produced it. The news comes after Lenovo was also criticised …

  • 24 November

    Yahoo stops some users accessing emails in ad-blockers row

    Yahoo has confirmed that it is preventing some people from accessing their email if they are using ad-blocking software in their browser. Some users in the US reported that Yahoo Mail was displaying a message asking them to disable their ad-blocker before they could access their inbox. Yahoo said it was testing a “new product experience” in the US. Members …

  • 21 November

    Google offers YouTube copyright support

    YouTube owner Google says it will help fund up to $1m (£650,000) in legal fees for some content creators who have received copyright takedown notices.It will step in if it feels their material is considered to be fair use. However the firm admitted that only a handful of people have been chosen to benefit from this support. Copyright holders are …

  • 19 November

    World’s Land Speed Record Holder Car “Ready to Roll out”

    A British team is developing a car that will be capable of reaching 1,000mph (1,610km/h). Powered by a rocket bolted to a Eurofighter-Typhoon jet engine, the vehicle will first mount an assault on the world land speed record (763mph; 1,228km/h). Bloodhound will be run on Hakskeen Pan in Northern Cape, South Africa, in 2016. Wing Commander Andy Green, the current …

  • 18 November

    Fallout 4 to become High Ranked Game of 2015 in 3 Days

    LONDON: Fallout 4 became the most successful game of 2015 in just three days after the launch It would be a massive understatement to say that Fallout 4 was much awaited by gamers. Millions had been waiting anxiously for Bethesda’s new gaming title and it’s no surprise that it took it only a few days to become the most successful game …

  • 18 November

    Chrome now leads with 800 million active mobile users

    LONDON: Google Chrome, one of the most popular web browsers on the planet, announced today that the number of Chrome users on mobile doubled from 400 million 30-day actives to 800 million over the course of the last year. That’s a mix of Android and iOS users. The company sadly doesn’t break out usage numbers by operating system, but it’s a …

  • 18 November

    Pakistan Has Potential to Become Connectivity Hub for Entire Central Asia

    Pakistan, a country with over 185 million population and less than 13% internet penetration, is considered a struggling market for internet connectivity. But there’s no denying the fact that due to its geographical location, Pakistan has a lot to offer to the landlocked Central Asian states with crucial bandwidth access. This can turn Pakistan into the regional connectivity hub for …

  • 17 November


    Apple has officially announced that the iPad Pro will be available for purchase on the official Apple website from the 11th of November 2015. The company has further said that, later this week, you might even find the iPad Pro at Apple Stores and certain carrier locations. The iPad Pro comes in two variants – Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi plus …