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Meet the nine-year-old self made millionaire

You may think that most entrepreneurs who make their millions through their own business are well established in the working world – with years of experience behind them – but that’s not always the case, as one young American is proving.
Isabella Barrett is a self-made millionaire with 1.6 million online followers – and she’s just nine-years-old.

Barrett says she considers herself a young entrepreneur and says she wanted to get into business because she loves talking and doing interviews.

Isabella’s mother, Susana Paliotta, says she never expected her youngest child to be so successful but adds that Isabella has been incredibly articulate from a young age.

Isabella started competing in pageants at the age of four and she shot to fame as a star of the popular American television show, ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’.

The young starlet has won more than 55 crowns and 85 titles during her time as a pageant competitor.

After retiring from the pageant scene, Isabella started her own clothing and jewellery line and was a millionaire by the young age of six.

Isabella has two companies in which she is the stakeholder – Glitzy Girl and Bound by the Crown Couture.

Her mother explains that she has been involved in product placement, television appearances and endorsements.

Susana also mentions that although the young socialite is fully aware of her success, she has little concept of money and so is treated to days out shopping where she can make the most of her fortune.

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