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Ten Common Makeup Mistakes That Make Us Look Older

Makeup can bolster our self-confidence by highlighting our best facial features and making our skin look well-nourished. But, have you ever noticed that sometimes it can actually make you appear older? None of us is safe from choosing the wrong makeup strategies on occasion!

To help you avoid them, we at Times of Education have compiled a list of ten of the most common mistakes that can add years to your appearance!

1. Applying too much concealer

n our desire to create a perfect matte effect, many of us make the mistake of applying too much concealer. If you select the wrong color and put on too thick a layer, you’ll end up highlighting your wrinkles and making your face look aged. To avoid this, top makeup artists recommend steering clear of thick foundations. Instead, choose fluid ones containing luminous particles — they’ll make your skin look healthy and natural without overloading it.

2. Overusing mascara on the lower lashes

Using mascara to touch up those lower lashes and accentuate the edges of the eyes can give your gaze extra expressiveness. On the other hand, putting too much mascara on your lashes will shift everyone’s attention to the wrinkles around your eyes. No matter how small those wrinkles are — thick mascara will make them stand out!

3. Selecting the wrong lipstick tone

There’s no question about it — lipstick can do wonders to your image! This season, don’t be afraid to experiment with rich, saturated colors. But, don’t forget — if your lips are naturally narrow, you should avoid using dark-toned lipsticks. Dark colors are likely to make your lips look even thinner.

If you want your lips to appear fuller, lipstick can be of help, as well — all you need to do is overdraw your natural lip line!

4. Applying dark eyeshadows the wrong way

Take care not to apply shadows over the whole lid area — this will make you look visibly older! The right thing to do is to only dab the outer corners of your eyes.

5. Overusing lower lid eyeliner

Applying dark eyeliner to your lower lid makes your eyes look narrow. To counteract the effect, use a light makeup pencil — this should add openness to your image!

6. Putting rouge on the apples of your cheeks

Say goodbye to dark and intense colors! It’s time to turn your attention to lighter tones, such as pale pink or peach. Take care to apply blushes to the upper part of your cheeks, not the central part. Highlighting the apples of your cheeks might have been a good idea when you were younger, but — as we become more mature, we have to adapt to the changes our skin goes through. Instead of trying to accentuate the central zone, try dabbing rouge on the upper cheekbones, not too close to the nose area. Using mellow and natural tones will make your face look younger and give it a romantic glow. Also, putting rouge on your cheekbones should have a localized lifting effect.

7. Highlighting your eyebrows too much

Using intense dark colors to enlarge and highlight your eyebrows can make your face look unkempt and age-worn. You’d be wiser to use colors a tone lighter than your natural eyebrow color.

8. Neglecting to use corrector

Dark circles under the eyes present a problem for many people. As we grow older, these blemishes become more pronounced. The use of concealer will only make the problem worse. On the other hand, applying some corrector will work miracles! Try to apply it on dark areas only and spread it as thinly as possible.

9. Forgetting to shade your lip lines

Using lip liner pencil is essential for successful makeup. It allows you to make the mouth outline more defined and appealing. However, you should be very careful in trying to make your lips look larger by overdrawing the natural lip borders. Always shade the lining in the direction of center of the lips — otherwise, you’re risking to end up with visible ’mustache’!

10. Powdering your face too thickly

Powder is good for correcting skin defects only when it’s applied in small quantities. If used too generously, the thing itself becomes a problem! Employ light mineral or rice powder to get rid of that greasy, glistening effect in the T-zone. Avoid powdering the area around the eyes — this will only highlight the wrinkles and make your skin look dry.

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