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Why Traveling is Important

Why Traveling is Important

One quote that really resonates with me is: “Travel far enough, you meet yourself” by David Mitchell. You might be thinking “oh, yeah that makes sense,” but what if you actually took it a step further and and traveled the world?

Why not? You would learn a lot more about yourself and better understand the world around you. Think about your daily routine. You text your friends and family throughout the day, you go to class, check Facebook, come home, eat ramen, and watch football. What if you went somewhere where you couldn’t communicate with friends and family because you didn’t have cell service, you couldn’t eat ramen because there is no such thing where you are, and you found that football was actually soccer? Yet, you had a whole new routine, eating, watching, and experiencing new things that you could have never imagined! Having the opportunity to travel abroad allows you to challenge everything you know and create new ideas about who you are and who you want to be.

There’s no better way to learn about yourself than when you’re traveling internationally and your plane lands in the wrong city, forcing you to change your travel plans (yes, this happened to me). You can’t call your mom or dad for help, you have to figure things out on your own. These things are bound to happen and they force you to be patient, understanding, and most importantly, adaptable. Not only are you developing valuable skills, but employers look for these traits when recruiting for internships and entry level positions. They want to hire someone who is able to react appropriately when things go wrong and show that they can think on their feet. Companies also look for applicants with international experience or proficiency in other languages. Our economy is so intertwined in the world that it is nearly impossible not to have clients, distributors, managers, or coworkers spread out across the world. Companies want to hire people that will be respectful and represent their company well when dealing with different cultures.

So, traveling abroad actually kills two birds with one stone. It allows you to grow personally and become an ideal candidate for that dream company you want to work for. So what are you waiting for? Go travel!

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